2021 Mini Sessions!

Hey y’all! In case you haven’t heard – I’m in the big middle of moving! We sold our house in May and have been in a rental all summer while our new home was being finished. We finally have a closing date in mid-October, which while very exciting, is cramping my calendar this year! I have 2 mini session dates available and very limited spots for full sessions.

I’m trying 2 new mini locations this year, so my samples are not as plentiful as usual. They both have lots of fantastic options though!

Sunday, October 24 – Lakeside Park, Highland Park
Very close to Davis Park, which many of you have been to with me, but a different spot to provide some variety for my long time clients! I’ve done a couple of client sessions here, and my own bridals were taken here 15 years ago. It’s a classic that I can’t wait to visit again!

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Sunday, November 7 – Downtown Van Alstyne
Come visit my new home town! Similar in vibe to Downtown McKinney or Celina – Lots of cool rustic buildings with ivy, murals, and more! I took 2 of my 3 kiddos out and about with me to get a few test shots and I was so excited and inspired to have a new place to explore!

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