Beat the Heat Summer Sessions

Summer is H-O-T in Texas and I’m no fool… no one wants to be sweaty in pictures. However, I’m always the most tempted to get photos of my kids during the summer.  Why?  Because we’re relaxed – they’re relaxed – and I just feel like with all of this laid back time, they’ll behave better for pictures.  Stress is low and the time is ripe for fun photos! (Below are my kiddos – with pool hair and slightly confused because I gave them popsicles at 10 am!  HA!)

So… my solution?  Beat the heat!  Let’s shoot on your front porch or in your back yard in the morning or the evening.  Let’s do something fun for just a few minutes to get some crazy cute pictures – bubbles, popsicles, maybe the sprinkler?  I mean – for real.  Could a kiddo be any happier than playing in the yard with a popsicle?  Way better than trying to get them to sit still for a photo in the heat, I think!

And let’s be honest… this is perfect for those summer birthday babies to celebrate their summer-ness!  Or for cousins who only get to hang out together once a summer.  Or besties who live out of state from each other.  You know what I mean?

Let’s make it low impact on the wallet too – just $75+tax – you’ll get our short and sweet session and 5 images to keep (I’ll have a few more in your gallery so you get to pick what to keep).

I’d love to see you!  These sessions can be booked from July 1 to August 31, 2018.  Most evenings are available (weekdays and weekends are available) and weekend mornings are available.  I’ll post updated availability here as times get booked.  Booking form below!

Update – Currently Booked: 7/7 AM, 7/14 AM, 7/28 PM