The Birthday Club

The Birthday Club is back for 2019! I love, love, love taking a few minutes to photograph my own children on (or near) their own their birthday – it gives them a chance to feel like the star of the show and documents their growth from year to year.  The images below are of some of my 2018 Birthday Club kids!  We had so much fun – the kids all loved having the focus just be on them and I loved that we got to be creative in how we shot since there was just 1 kiddo to focus on.  The results are pretty fun!

[pp_gallery id=”848″ style-id=”9b116669-2c37-4a8d-afce-f3751bd7b995″]Here’s the most important info for you:

  • Each Birthday Club session only involves the birthday child – no siblings or parents, please.  (Exceptions can be made for twins/triplets/multiples, but a Birthday Club membership must be bought for each child)
  • Session will last 10-15 minutes.
  • You will receive at least 10 high resolution files with printing permissions from your session.
  • Children from 1-18 years of age welcome (if you can convince your college child to come home for a session, we’ll talk!)
  • I’ll contact you the month before each child’s birthday to get you on the calendar.
  • Built in discounts for more than 1 child.
  • Membership is a yearly fee.
  • You’ll be given a chance to renew each January.
  • You’ll renew your membership each year at the prevailing yearly rate as advertised by Deena Riley Photography, unless you were one of the founding members that enrolled by Feb 1, 2018.  They locked in the introductory price for-ev-er!

Still have questions?  Email me!  Ready to enroll?  Scroll down!

2019 PRICING (prices do not include sales tax)

1 Child – $50
2 Children – $90
3 Children – $125
4+ Children – $150