Q:  Do you still shoot newborns / high school seniors / cats / families?

A:  Yes!  I do!  I’m choosing to focus on my Signature Sessions and Minis as those are the most popular offerings I have, but if you’d like me to photograph your family / newborn / high school senior… basically anything but your wedding, I will!  Recent work can be found on my Facebook page for those types of shoots.  Always glad to work with you and your requests!

Q:  You’re the 40th photographer I’ve looked at today.  I’m exhausted.  Why should I choose you?

A:  Dallas is flooded with probably 1000s of photographers.  It’s hard to pick the one that would be right for you, and I totally get that!  With me, you’re getting a photographer who has 8 years of experience in the industry – I’m not brand new to this rodeo.  I work hard to personalize each aspect of your session, from pre-consultation emails to scheduling ordering appointments if you want help measuring your wall for portraits.  I want you to think this whole process is easy.  Hey – I’ll even meet you at the mall and help you put together your family’s outfits for your session if you’d like!  I once joked with a client during a shoot that I’m the “no stress” photographer – he laughed and told me that should be my tagline because it was true.  I’m looking forward to having a fun time with your family and making sure that you cherish your final products.  You’re going to want to show off your amazing canvases and albums to your friends the moment I deliver them to your front door!

Q:  What should my kids wear?  What will a Signature Session be like?

A:  A Signature Session typically lasts around an hour, maybe more or less depending on your children’s endurance during the shoot.  We definitely won’t push them into cranky-town if they decide they’re “done” with pictures.  Sessions happen at the location of your choice – don’t worry, I have suggestions!  We’ll play and laugh and giggle and generally have a good time during your session.  As for all of the details like what to wear, I have a welcome guide that I will send you when you book that will give you tons of ideas of how to make sure your session looks and feels like you.

Q:  I know it’s time for a Signature Session with my kiddos, but I have no clue what I want to do with the images.  Help!

A:  Not a problem!  We’ll chat before your session about your home, what you’ve done with family photos in the past, and begin to formulate a plan for your session.  After your session, we’ll have an ordering appointment which usually happens in your home.  I bring my big magic bag of samples so we can hold things up in your space, explore albums together, and discuss what would work best for you.  These appointments are low pressure – it’s more important to me for you to love, love, love your purchase then for me to sell you one more 8×10.

Q:  Rats!  This season’s mini sessions sold out before I got to book mine.  How can I make sure I get a session in the future?

A:  Sign up for my newsletter by clicking here.  My newsletter peeps always get first dibs!

Q:  My child hates to have their picture taken, but I really, really want to have a session.  Will you work with my tough kiddo?

A:  Yes!  I have worked with thousands of children across my careers (before I was a photographer, I was a public school teacher for 6 years), and have seen just about every personality type in the books.  Your session may work a little differently than you expect in your head – I may spend the first 5-10 minutes chatting with your child and earning their trust.  I may ask you to step away from your child and me while I photograph them – some children work better when there isn’t an “audience” expecting them to perform.  The main thing I’ll ask is for you to trust me.  I have pleasantly surprised many parents who thought I got “nothing” during their shoot with beautiful galleries filled with artful images of their child.

Q:  Your sessions typically happen outside.  What happens if it rains?

A:  Usually, when it rains, we will reschedule to the next date that is great for both of us.  Texas weather is crazy, so even if the forecast looks bad, I usually wait to call off a session for weather until the day of the shoot (sometimes the weather people get it wrong – gasp!).  In that case, I will be in contact via phone or text, monitoring the weather and making the call with you.  There is the option of moving the session inside of your home, which can be awesome (and a lot of fun).  Unfortunately, most indoor locations in this area that are great for portrait sessions know that they’re great and require a deposit and reservations to use their space ahead of time.  If that’s an option that you’d like to explore further, please let me know when booking your session so we can make the appropriate plans!